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This month we are taking a pause from the “Connect with Pastor Charles” and “Already in White” videos to share a testimony from incarcerated brother, Bryan Horton.

While in prison, Bryan saw a movie which was a catalyst to a deeper relationship with Jesus and participation in our TUMI class…

The movie flooded me with all kinds of emotions dealing with a Father-Daughter relationship that I would never experience. Her wanting her “Daddy” to walk her down the aisle. This thought saddened me so much that I wasn’t angry as I said, “God why can’t I walk my daughter the aisle?”

Then in an unexplainable moment I felt His presence and a Voice say, “My selfish Child, you want to know why you can’t walk your daughter down the aisle? Have you not thought about the girl’s life you help take? Her Dad can’t walk her down the aisle cause you helped take her life.”

The pain and guilt I felt was overwhelming. The one thing I felt I would miss out on in life, I had taken it from someone else. I realized my sin against him (the father of my victim) and against Him (the Father). I cried myself to sleep in sorrow.

After a few days I began to feel forgiven, and because I heard His voice I knew He was listening. So I talked to Him about everything. Being in a cell by myself gave me peace, cause I knew He was there. I started to read the Bible for the first time. I would listen to preaching and teaching on the radio, doing Bible study courses through the mail. I had a hunger for God. The more I studied the more I began to see that I enjoyed the study of God. I got my GED, went to college, got an associates degree, and I’m currently a TUMI student with ambitions to get a Doctorate in Theology and teach the Body of youth such as myself once was. I feel this is God’s calling on my life. Whether out there or in here, I want to serve Him to the best of my abilities. – Soli Deo Gloria!

Your Brother and Fellow Laborer in Christ,

Bryan Horton

It has been a privilege ministering to incarcerated brothers and sisters like Bryan. Would you consider making a donation to help support individuals like Bryan gain an experience of God and spiritual tools to, in turn, minister to others? We are 100% crowd-funded and rely on the generosity of people like you! If you have already made a contribution we thank you!

We also rely on your prayers. My team and I are on the front lines of this spiritual battle, so to speak, and we could always use extra “suppressive fire”.

God bless you & God keep you,

Pastor Charles Anderson and the Team at ELC

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

Written in Red

Tuesdays 6-8PM: Terrell Unit

Climbing Up

Thursdays AM: TBD Clemens Unit


Saturdays 1-3PM: TUMI Plane State Jail, Female Unit

Monthly Volunteer Opportunities

10.15, Sunday 6-8PM: worship at Clemens unit trustee camp

10.22, Sunday 8-10 AM, 10AM-12PM: 2 worship at Clemens Main Bldg

10.29, Sunday 8-10AM: 2 worship services, Terrell Main Bldg and

Expansion Facility

11.5, Sunday 8-10AM: worship at Stringfellow

11.12, Sunday 8-10AM: 2 worship services, Terrell Main Bldg and Expansion Facility 

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We are entirely dependent on God and the resources He provides for us to continue spreading His love to the incarcerated in the Texas Criminal Justice System. Please consider giving a financial donation to support the men and women behind bars hear the Good News and receive the tools to turn their lives around!